Why Installing New Gutters On Your Home Is Essential

Posted on: 19 January 2023

Rain gutters on homes can have a significant impact. New gutter installation will offer benefits you may not have considered. 

Benefits Of Gutters

There are many reasons to install gutters on your home, and they go much farther than just keeping you dry as you leave the house in the rain. Gutter installation is vital for every home because it allows you to control where the water coming off your roof in the rain ends up. 

When it is raining, water runs off the roofing materials to the roof edge, and if there are no gutters, it falls directly to the ground below. While this may not seem like an issue, that water hits the ground with significant force and will saturate the soil around the home. 

Because the water can sit in that soil for days or weeks, it can eventually find cracks and voids in the concrete foundation under your home and cause damage that may require repairs later. While sealing the foundation can help avoid this problem, a gutter system installation allows you to capture the water and control where it goes to eliminate the water from the soil and drain it away from your home. 

Along with the water saturation issues, each time the rain hits the ground next to your home, water can splash up and onto the siding, depositing dirt and moisture that can make the house look terrible over time. 

Gutter Options

A new gutter installation often means choosing the style, color, and design of the gutters for your home. Often aluminum gutters make the cut for new homes because they are inexpensive and rust-resistant, but they are not the only option on the market. 

Plastic gutters are available, as are copper gutters that offer a beautiful look to your home and do the same job as the standard aluminum options. Seamless gutters are also a popular option, and a gutter contractor can make these onsite specifically for your house. The benefit of seamless options is fewer joints to leak or loosen over time.

You will need to decide on the style or profile of the gutter if you want something that looks great, and there are color options that you can choose from to blend the rain gutters into the trim on the home to make them less noticeable from the street. During gutter installation, the downspout installation will direct the water away from the house. 

Often, installing a draintile or line around the house and running the downspouts into it is a great way to ensure that all the rainwater flowing through the system ends up right where you want it and not inside the basement or pooling outside your home.

For more information about gutter installation, contact a local company.