3 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Chinese Takeout Food

Posted on: 28 November 2022

Take-out food has become a part of everyday life but can also create a lot of waste. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment, then you can seek out ways to do so while you still enjoy Chinese takeout food.

Check out some ways to easily reduce your carbon footprint, and you can share these tips with others to spread the help as well.

1. Use Sustainable Chopsticks

In many cases, a Chinese restaurant will toss in disposable chopsticks to every order you make. Instead of going through chopsticks each time you eat, consider the purchase of sustainable bamboo chopsticks.

The durable bamboo can go through multiple rounds of use and is easily cleaned by hand or through a dishwasher. A set will typically include multiple pairs of chopsticks so you always have pairs available. If you eat Chinese food with others, you can provide extra sets so no one needs to use the disposable ones.

The sets could feature Chinese letters etched into the design, and they often come with a nice carrying case to hold the chopsticks in. Easily slide the carrying case into a utensil drawer for quick access.

2. Purchase Sauces

A Chinese food order may come with small plastic packets filled with sauces like soy sauce or duck sauce. Those little packets can create a big waste of plastic. Instead, you could purchase your favorite types of Chinese sauces and keep them at home.

For example, you could purchase a large glass bottle of soy sauce. When you order Chinese food, you can request no packets within the meal to help cut down on plastic waste.

3. Compost Bins

If you enjoy Chinese food in large portions, then you may have a lot of leftovers. For the food elements you don't eat, don't let the food go to waste. You could purchase a compost bin that helps transform the food into compost for use in a garden or in soil.

You could purchase an indoor compost bin to easily dump leftovers into or a large compost bin to keep the items outside. Along with Chinese take-out, you could use a compost bin for any other food waste you have.

Along with your own use, you could share these tips with others. For example, when birthdays or holidays come around, you could purchase a set of sustainable chopsticks for anyone in your life who also loves Chinese food. Shop around to find sets with unique designs and colors that match your interests.

Contact a supplier to learn more about sustainable chopsticks