Experiencing A Wasp Infestation? Here 3 Effective Wasp Control Tips For You

Posted on: 30 March 2022

Wasps feed their larvae with insects, and for this reason, they are helpful allies around your garden and lawn. However, they are potentially dangerous because they can sting you or your pets, causing a lot of problems to those suffering from allergies. The good thing about wasps is that you can tactfully keep them away. You can also do this without using toxic chemicals to safeguard your family's health. Here are three simple yet effective wasp control tips that someone experiencing a wasp infestation can use.

Seal All the Gaps and Cracks

Most people open their windows to allow more fresh air into the house. And although open windows could also be good entry points for wasps, they mostly get into the house through very small gaps. So if you can see these pests in your house, it's good to check whether the eaves are cracked. It's also good to check the mortar between the bricks or beams in the attic, garage, or other areas, particularly those around the vents. Wasps often build their nests in such areas, and they can access them through any tiny crack available. So don't ignore those gaps and cracks because they could be potential access points for wasps. Use silicone caulk or any other recommended material to seal them to keep wasps away.

Destroy Wasp Nests

Wasps can retaliate when in danger. So it's sometimes advisable to use techniques that will help you kill them instantly. Spraying the nests is highly recommended because it kills these pests instantly. You just need to get the best type and spray their nests properly. But since most wasp sprays contain ingredients or chemicals that could be toxic to your kids or even pets, it's good to seek advice from an expert in wasp control regarding the spray type you should use. Where possible, it's even good to let them handle the wasp problem because they use non-toxic sprays, making the process safe and more effective.

Hang Several False Nests

Wasps are usually keener when it comes to nest building. Actually, they don't build a nest near another nest. So when you hang several false nests, you prevent them from building more nests near your home because they assume the false ones are theirs. Building false nests isn't a big deal because most hardware stores have the materials you need to build them. Although the false nests might not fool all the wasps, they will effectively help keep most of these pests off your property. But for you to do it more effectively, look for a local professional in wasp control services to help you build and hang the false nests properly.