4 Pro Tips For Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

Posted on: 29 December 2021

Hardwood refinishing is a complex but rewarding task. If you make a little mistake in the process, it leaves your floor looking imperfect. It is always best to hire a professional to sand, stain, seal, and apply finishing coats to your floor. Most people will try to handle their floor refinishing alone to save on costs, but the poor outcomes and possible long-term damage to the floor are not worth it. Here are four professional tips to simplify your hardwood floor refinishing. 

Choose the Right Sanding Equipment

You will have a few options to choose from when getting sanding equipment. If you want to handle the sanding yourself, opt for the random orbital sanders. They are slow and steady, which means they could take longer than the drum sander. However, the orbital sanders are easy to use for people handling the project their first time and least likely to damage your floor. 

It would help if you also cleared the area that needs sanding before using the machine. After sanding the floor, you should also clean it to remove debris before applying a new finishing coat. Sanding is the most critical refinishing step because it renews the floor. 

Use the Right Safety Tools

The professionals recommend using the proper safety tools when refinishing the hardwood floors. Firstly, sanders are heavy, and you should be cautious when lifting them to avoid back injury. Professionals typically install ramps in your home to ease the movement of heavy machinery. You should also invest in respirators to avoid inhaling the dust and fumes from the sanding process. Gloves and eye protection equipment will also help you prevent injuries during the operation. 

Get an Exit Strategy

You will need a sensible exit strategy to avoid leaving footprints all over your newly refinished floor. Ideally, you should start the process on the wall opposite your exit door. You can proceed gradually towards the door and add a few extra coatings for the perfect finish.

Stain the Wood Evenly

Your refinished floor will only look beautiful when you apply the stain evenly. Applying a stain over the entire surface area is a complex process for which you might need professional help. Professionals recommend using an applicator on small parts of the floor at a time and rubbing off the remainder with a rug. 

The quality of your hardwood floor refinishing outcome will depend on the tools you use and the expertise of the person handling it. Get an expert to manage it for the best result.

For more information on hardwood floor refinishing, contact a professional near you.