2 Signs The Glass In Your Home's Double-Paned Windows Needs Professional Attention

Posted on: 19 July 2021

If your home has older double-paned windows, you may wonder if they are still doing their job of keeping out drafts and moisture. It might appear at first glance that the frames are still in good shape. In addition, the glass itself may still appear intact when inspecting the panes.

However, there may be damage that you do not readily see upon first glance that would need to be addressed. While examining your windows, look for the following signs that there are serious issues with them that require the attention of a professional.

1.  Mold Has Started Growing Around the Edges of the Glass

As you inspect your home windows' glass panes for hidden issues, mold growth is one sign you should look for. If present, the mold will most likely be seen around the edges of the glass.

Mold indicates that moisture is coming from outside if it is present. Around the edges of the panes, there may be microcracks or tiny spaces where the moisture is seeping through.

If something is not done to remedy the moisture, the mold will continue to grow and eventually break down the frame’s material. The glass may need to be reglazed, or the glass/frame may need replacing. A professional will be able to tell which course of action is needed.

2.  Condensation Forms and Is Constantly Present on the Interior Surfaces of the Glass Panes

Even if you do not see any mold growing around the edges, the glass may still be allowing moisture to come in. If you start seeing condensation forming on the interior surfaces of the panes, this is most likely the case.

If condensation is constantly present, especially after the sun shines through the glass, moisture is building up between the panes. As it does, it evaporates and creates a foggy surface because it is trapped inside.

If you are discovering mold growth around the glass or seeing that the windows are fogging up, the glass will need to be repaired or the windows replaced. However, you will need to have a professional take a look at the windows to determine which one is needed, depending on whether the frame itself is damaged. Contact a window glass repair and replacement service near you to set up an appointment to have the windows inspected to find out what needs to be done.

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