Ways To Keep Your Clothes Dryer Working Properly

Posted on: 7 December 2016

When the weather is sunny and warm, many people prefer to hang their clothes out to avoid using a clothes dryer. However, when winter arrives, using a clothes dryer is often the only option for drying clothes. This means that some clothes dryers may be used several days a week. With proper maintenance, a clothes dryer can last for many years. These are some ways to keep your clothes dryer working properly.

Removing The Lint 

When clothing, blankets and towels are dried in a clothes dryer, it does not take long for a lot of lint to accumulate. Most dryers are equipped with lint traps that prevent the lint from remaining on the laundry once it is dry. 

However, it is very important to clean the lint traps every time the dryer is used. If lint is not removed from the trap, it can actually get overheated and cause a dryer to catch on fire. Always check the lint trap before and after drying every load of laundry. Remove the lint before doing your next load to prevent a fire hazard from occurring. This helps prevent lint from collecting down inside the motor of the dryer where it could possibly catch fire. 

Shortening The Vent Hose

An exhaust vent hose is attached from the dryer to an exhaust duct that carries the damp air from the laundry outdoors. This pipe may be made of a smooth or crimped metal or plastic hose. Be sure to shorten the hose so that only the correct length needed to go from the dryer to the exhaust is attached.

Some dryers come with pipe that is longer than needed to ensure there is plenty of hose to reach exhaust ducts that may be located further away from the dryer. However, the longer the hose is the more power that is needed to dry your clothes. By shortening the hose to the shortest length possible, laundry will dry more quickly and use less power.

Cleaning Out The Exhaust 

Lint can also clog up the exhaust pipe, making it take much longer to dry your laundry. You can disconnect the hose from the exhaust duct and clean it out with a long lint brush to ensure that air can flow through freely. Use a vacuum attachment to clean out the duct from the outside of the exhaust. If you notice it takes longer than normal to dry a load of laundry, this is a good sign this needs to be done.

Since a clothes dryer uses a substantial amount of energy to work properly, it is possible for the plug that goes into the outlet to become overheated. It is a good idea to check the plug on occasion to ensure it does not look burned or melted. If the plug looks damaged, it will need to be replaced.

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