Putting Carpet In Your Kid's Bedroom? Consider These 3 Tips

Posted on: 14 November 2016

When selecting carpeting for your kid's bedroom, you will want to put some more thought into it than usual. While carpeting provides a lot of warmth and comfort that makes it a great choice for a bedroom, kids are known to be very hard on carpeting. These tips will help ensure you picked the right kind of carpeting for their bedroom.

Consider The Fiber Type

The biggest factor that determines how durable carpeting will be is the fiber type used to construct it. You should be on the lookout for carpeting with fibers made from nylon for maximum durability. They provide resistance against stains, which is due to the fiber not being absorbent like polyester or wool. The strands that make up nylon carpeting will also be very durable, with them being capable of withstanding the heavy foot traffic a child can provide.

That said, still give wool a consideration if you want carpeting made from natural fibers. Just understand that the carpeting is more likely to become stained. If you are going to replace the carpeting in the near future, polyester is a cheaper material that will last you until then.

Consider The Color

It may be obvious, but don't use cream or white carpeting for a kid's bedroom. On the flip side, do not select the darkest carpeting either. Dark carpeting can potentially backfire, since every light colored object will stick out on the carpet, such as pocket lint or even a small string.

A marbled carpeting color will help hide the debris that falls on the carpeting. It mixes multiple color strands that can be dark or light. The carpeting won't be a single color, so it would be great at disguising messes.

Consider The Pile

The kind of pile that the carpeting uses is another crucial decision. Berber style carpeting may be great in an office setting, but those tiny loops of carpet fiber can cause problems in a kid's bedroom. The loops can because caught on toys, causing the carpet fiber to eventually snag and tug on the carpeting. This can make the carpeting look unattractive. Select carpeting that has a medium pile that uses twisted strands of carpet fiber. It won't have snagging issues, causing it to be more durable than Berber carpeting.

For more advice on the kind of carpeting to select for your kid's bedroom, speak with a carpeting contractor, such as Carpet Weaver's, in your area.