Attractive Ideas For Light Control In The Family Room

Posted on: 19 October 2016

Dressing your windows isn't as simple as hanging some curtains. While this adds beauty to your décor, it may not be enough to actually control the light. You can layer drapes, but this gives a formal effect that may not suit a casual family room. Utilize blinds or shades to control how much sunlight enters your family space.

Wooden Blinds

Aluminum and vinyl are two common materials for window blinds. However, if your budget allows, consider wooden blinds. Wooden blinds offer style and sophistication, but they're also very adaptable. You can leave them natural or paint them to match your décor. Besides blocking out light, wooden blinds also offer good insulation properties. Match wooden blinds with curtain panels in a fun print if you want a more finished effect to your window treatments.

Plantation Blinds

Plantation blinds are like a cross between wooden blinds and shutters – indeed, they're sometimes referred to as interior shutters. Often made of wood, plantation blinds are solid structures that are attached to the window frame with hinges. Their louvers are usually wider than with traditional wooden blinds. You can move the louvers to easily control light and privacy. Plantation blinds are a deluxe option that add value to your home. However, whether painted or left natural, they provide a relatively neutral profile, which is ideal for a casual family atmosphere.

Roman Shades

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Roman shades can make a statement. Roman shades are constructed of fabric affixed to cords that create even folds when pulled up. They can be left unconstructed for a casual look or constructed with bars in the back for crisp folds. The fabric comes in nearly unlimited color and pattern combinations, so you can use them to add visual interest to your family room.

London Shades

London shades are almost exactly the same as Roman shades in that they're fabric panels made to fold uniformly when raised. However, London shades are especially designed to offer a gentle bow at the bottom of the folds. This creates graceful arcs when you pull the shades up. If you have wide windows, you can even have them designed with a double arc at the bottom. London shades come in a variety of colors and patterns, making them as versatile as Roman shades.

Natural Shades

If you fancy a naturalistic profile in your family room, Home and Garden TV suggests hanging natural woven shades. Also called matchstick or bamboo blinds, these shades look organic and soft. As the site notes, they also diffuse the light while creating privacy. These aren't ideal if you want to totally block the light out, but they can create a cozy feeling in your family room.

Choose the blinds or shades that best complete the ambience of your family room. Contact a company like House Of Drapery to learn more.