Relaxed Solutions For Your Busy Life: Decor That Doubles As Furniture And Appliances

Posted on: 22 September 2016

Tired of having to clean the furniture or have it professionally cleaned? Tired of having to scrub stains out of your couch, sofa, or loveseat? Maybe you are just plain tired of having to do so much and having it all seem so futile? You would not be the only one. Many stay-at-home spouses report being frustrated about the constant cleaning tasks they have to do and then having to repeat them and fork over money to do it all over again a month or two later. If you also entertain friends and family often, you may find that you are doing more cleaning or paying someone to clean more. Furniture is bulky; maintenance has become a nuisance. What you need are some relaxed solutions for a busy life, and there is plenty of home decor that doubles as furniture and/or appliances.

Bohemian Floor Pillows

The Turks do it. So do the Japanese. They throw comfy pillows down on the floor and sit on them. You can do the same, since many stores now sell Bohemian floor pillows. These large, slightly-overstuffed pillows are very decorative and quite comfortable. You can lay on them, sit on them, sleep on them and pile them up to fill out a room where everyone can just relax. When the pillows get dirty, you simply toss them into a large-capacity washer at the laundromat and they are good as new.


kotatsu is what you call a low wooden table set on the floor in Japan. The modern version also has a built-in heating source so that you can cook a one-pan meal right on the table. When the heating element is covered back up with the removable center plate, it continues to heat the table, which then becomes a cozy place to lay down and/or it doubles as a small futon. They are ideal for apartments and houses with very limited space.

Curtains or a Hammock

Curtains are generally not something you would associate with furniture, but there are curtains you can buy which convert into a hammock at night. This is especially useful if you have a house guest that is too inebriated to drive home or you have a surprise visitor late in the evening and nowhere else for him or her to sleep. The curtains are made of a very durable nylon weave fabric, which is often used for hammocks and tents, and is offered in different solid colors.

Check out stores like Tara Design for more inspiration.