The Best Drapes For A Baby's Room

Posted on: 25 April 2016

Decorating a baby's room is one of the most fun experiences you have in making your home unique. When choosing drapes for your little one, you want to make sure you choose styles that are both effective in blocking out the sun's rays and safe for your baby to be around. Here are tips to choosing the best drapes for your baby's room.

Sun and noise protection

Blackout drapes are very effective in blocking out the sun's rays and help to protect your baby from harsh sunlight while they are napping. Choose styles that both block out a majority of the sun and provide noise control so your little one can get the rest they need, day or night. Blackout drapes come in lovely colors and patterns, so you can still put personality in your baby's room while making their windows secure.

Strangulation prevention

Babies are naturally curious and, as they begin to grow, love to pull on cords and material. Make sure you choose drapes that are free of gauzy lace that a baby can easily get tangled in, and have your drapes custom-cut to extend only to the end of your windowsill to prevent pulling. Any other window additions, such as blinds or screens, should have their cords wrapped high away from baby's reach, or outfitted with safety tassels.

The best way to prevent strangulation from your drapes is to make sure your baby's crib is not near the window. This way, they cannot pull on tempting materials and strings while they are in their crib. Place your baby's crib in the center of their room or along an opposite wall so you can keep them safe.

Fire safety

Always choose drapes that are made of fire-resistant materials, and never place lamps, space heaters, or other common fire-causing appliances near drapes. If your baby's room has windows directly above baseboards or another heat source, you need to make sure that the length of the drapes does not extend low enough to touch any heat source (another great reason to have your drapes custom-designed for their room). Lace, window scarves, and other sheer, drapery material can catch fire easily, so try to avoid using these kinds of materials to decorate your baby's windows with.

When choosing drapes for your baby's room, you want to make sure you keep their safety in mind. Choose materials and designs that can keep your baby safe and comfortable, and you can feel confident that they will be happy and secure in their room at all times.

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