How To Build Your Own Fire Pit For Your Backyard

Posted on: 25 April 2016

There's nothing better than a cool summer night, sitting by a campfire to keep warm and surrounded by your closest family and friends. You've probably done this at one time or another, but have you done this at your own home? Do you even have a fire pit? You can have your own fire pit, built all by yourself, to enjoy with your family and friends. See below for instructions to build your own fire pit.

Materials Needed For The Job:

  • Shovel
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Tamper
  • Fine gravel
  • Paver blocks (or whatever type of stone/landscape blocks you prefer to use)
  • Paver glue (optional)
  • Metal fire ring
  • Level
  • Spray paint


These instructions are for an above-ground fire pit. You can dig a deeper hole for an in-ground fire pit; however, an in-ground fire pit can be a little dangerous, as anyone can fall into it. 

  1. Figure out where in your yard you want to have your fire pit. Then lay the fire pit ring on the ground. Using the spray paint, mark the area you need to dig out with the shovel.
  2. Begin digging out your fire pit about eight to ten inches deep. Place the dirt into a wheelbarrow or on a tarp for easy hauling.
  3. Place the metal fire ring into the hole and check that it is level. If it isn't level, add some fine gravel to help level it out. Once level, add about two inches of the fine gravel in the bottom of the fire pit.
  4. Next, you can begin adding the decorative blocks to the exterior of the fire ring. To do this, shovel out the perimeter of the fire ring wide enough to fit the blocks to help level the ground out. Dig out about four inches deep, then add two inches of fine gravel. Tamp down the area to level it and check it with your level. Then begin adding your decorative blocks. Each time, check that they are level and use a rubber mallet to help level them out. 
  5. Once you have your first layer of blocks down, you can begin adding the second level. You can stagger the blocks for a more decorative look. Apply masonry/paver glue to the blocks to help hold them in place (optional). Allow the glue to dry completely. 
  6. Enjoy your new backyard fire pit.

Tips To Give Your Fire Pit Some Charm:

  • Add fun seating such as logs, Adirondack chairs painted in fun colors or bench seating made from reclaimed barn wood.
  • Dig out the grass around your fire pit and fill it with sand or gravel.
  • Add string lights on poles to help light up your space a bit.

Be sure to only burn wood in your fire pit. Dispose of plastic and other items properly. If the idea of building your own fire pit seems overwhelming, consider purchasing one from a company like Hearth and Patio.