Live In The Country And Worried About Power Loss? What To Do To Prepare For Storms

Posted on: 28 March 2016

If you are worried that your home is so far out in the country that it could be difficult for help to get back there during a big storm, you want to make sure that you have some of the necessities needed to survive. You can protect your home and your family at the same time.

You want to make sure that everyone can stay healthy and functional until the power is restored. Here are a few things to consider in case of this type of emergency.

Battery Powered Sump Pump

If there is a storm and the power goes out, you don't want the sump pump in your basement to quit working. This could cause a flood in the space, and a sump pump with a battery backup can prevent this from happening. Get the right pump installed, and test it regularly and change out the batteries to make sure it will work when the time comes.


If you worry about losing power when the weather is chilly and not having heat, or losing it for a long period of time, get a generator for your house. This will power some of the electrical components in the house, and many homeowners use a generator that runs off gas. This type of generator will be very beneficial when the power goes out, and you'll want to keep gas in the garage if the time comes and you need to put the generator to work.

Back Up Supplies

A box with backup supplies like water, snack bars, nuts, and other dry foods that could keep you full and healthy for a few days are best. If the power is out for a long period of time you may not have access to water and your refrigerator can't keep food cold. Items that are full of protein and nutrients plenty of fluids are best.

Make sure that you have flashlights were everyone can find them to get around the house, and you know how you're going to set up the generator to keep the furnace going. You may even want to set the furnace up to run an infrared heater or another heating option that won't use so much power. If you know that it's likely that a storm could force you to go without power in your home, and you are far from the nearest town, be sure to prepare yourself properly. Contact a company like Anderson Water Systems or a similar location for more ideas and information.