Residential Bed Bug Extermination : A Guide To Treatment Methods For New Customers

Posted on: 11 November 2015

You may never think that you will have an issue with bed bugs, but statistics show that this is one biting pest that more people have to deal with than what you may expect. As many as one in every five people has either dealt with their own bed bug problem or they know someone who has. If you happen to be one of the unlucky people who find bed bugs taking up residence in your own home, extermination will likely be at the forefront of your thoughts.

Taking a Closer Look at the Different Kinds of Bed Bug Extermination Methods

There are many methods that exterminators use to rid a bed bug population in a residential customer's home. The techniques and methods used can depend on the severity of the issue, sensitivities of the residents to chemicals, and various other factors. Plus, techniques may be used in unison with one another to achieve the most desirable end result. A few of the most common bed bug treatment methods that may be used besides typical pesticides include:

Heat Treatment - Heat treatment is one of the more modern bed bug extermination techniques. This can involve the use of steam or high-temperature air that is funneled through specific areas using specialized industry equipment. Bed bugs can only withstand temperatures of around 113 degrees, which means that holding a space at this consistent temperature for a specific duration can kill many of the bugs and their eggs.

Non-Pesticide Compounds - Non-pesticide compounds, such as those created with diatomaceous earth and essential oils, may be used for treatment in a home where the residents are more sensitive to other pesticide chemicals. 

Vacuuming - Vacuuming, especially with industrial vacuuming equipment, can be an effective way to eliminate many of the bed bugs present in the house. Especially those on carpeted flooring and on cloth furnishings.

Isolation - Isolation of a bed bug population is accomplished by either sealing off a property or the individual furniture components where the bed bugs may be hiding out, such as in the mattresses or on the sofa. This is accomplished by using bed bug resistant covers that completely close off individual items to prevent the bugs from escaping.

The Importance of Professional Extermination

Without appropriate attention to a bed bug problem, a population can grow out of control quickly. It is crucial to seek professional help as soon as you notice that you have bed bugs in your home to prevent the problem from spreading.