3 Tips For Using Water Wisely With Your Sprinklers

Posted on: 26 February 2015

Having automatic sprinklers in your yard is a great thing, and it can allow you to water your yard very easily. You can set an automatic clock to have your sprinklers go off at different times, and you won't have to worry about remembering to water each day. However, because the cost of watering your lawn can add up, it is important to use this water wisely. This article will discuss 3 tips for using water wisely with your sprinklers. 

Only Use Them During The Night And Early Morning

Since there is no sun out to evaporate the water during the night and early morning, this is a great time to water your lawn. You can set the sprinklers to water outside after it gets dark, and then you can have them water once more in the early morning. This gives the water plenty of time to soak up into the soil of the grass, and none will go to waste. Keep in mind that you may need to change the time that the sprinklers water your lawn when the time changes, because it will be lighter outside for longer. 

Set The Sprinklers To Only Spray The Grass

Your sprinklers are going to need to be set so that they only water the grass area, and not the sidewalk, dirt, house, etc. When you initially install the sprinklers you are going to rotate them and set them until they are just right, but over time they may get bumped, or otherwise turned, and they may no longer water where they were supposed to. To fix this you will simply need to reset your sprinkler using your hands to turn it into the proper position. You also may notice that certain areas of the grass are getting more water than they need, while others aren't getting enough. Instead of watering your lawn more, you simply need to move the sprinkler head to water the grass more evenly. 

Turn Them Off Whenever There Is Wind or Excess Rain

There are some days and even seasons when wind and rain happen quite often. While wind is less likely to occur in the late night and early morning when you are watering, it may occur, and you should turn off your sprinklers until the wind has passed. The reason for this being that the wind will blow all of your sprinkler water onto areas other than your grass. You should also turn off your sprinklers if there is excess rain because your grass is getting enough water from the rain alone. 

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