How To Find The Patio Cover That Is Right For Your Patio

Posted on: 18 February 2015

So you want a cover for your patio. There are a few different things to keep in mind before you purchase a patio cover. The first thing to consider is size. More important than size, though, is climate. You also need to consider how much coverage your patio needs, based on what furniture and plants are going to be underneath.

Table Umbrella

If your patio is on the smaller side and you have a table with a slot for an umbrella, this may be all you need for adequate patio coverage. This can be a nice option if you would like coverage when there is rain but want to put the umbrella down when the sun is out. This may be all you need if you live in a temperate climate, where sitting in the sun is rarely too warm.

Free-Standing Umbrella

If you don't have a table that supports an umbrella, you can purchase a free-standing umbrella. These come in a variety of sizes. The most important thing to remember is to look for an umbrella with a sturdy base, especially if you live in a place that tends to be windy.

Tent Cover

These patio covers are pricier than an umbrella but can be purchased in larger sizes. These structures are also more stable in a windy environment. These types of covers are better at withstanding heavy rain or snow. They can be purchased in a heavy canvas or heavy duty plastic. Plastic tent covers heat up quickly and also hold in heat. This is an asset for colder areas but not the best choice for warmer climates.

Roll Back Patio Cover

These can be bought in standard sizes or custom ordered. They attach to your house, so they are quite stable. In addition to stability, roll back patio covers can be extended when you want shade or if it's raining, or retracted if you would like to bathe your patio in sunshine.

Other Considerations

Besides size and climate, you need to consider if your patio furniture can be rained on or if it will fade in the sun. If the answer is yes to either of those questions, you might want to consider building a permanent structure to make sure that your patio is covered at all times.

If you have plants that are out on your patio, you should consider how much sunlight each plant needs. Do your plants need full sun for part of the day? You would need a cover that you can put down or retract to make sure that your plants survive.

There a lots of different options for patio covers out there. If you take into consideration how much shelter you need and if you need to adjust the amount of shade at any given time, you will find the right patio cover to suit your patio.