Granite Countertops Are Practical, Attractive And Easy To Maintain

Posted on: 23 January 2015

Granite counters bear a distinctively high reputation for durability and a shiny appearance, and they are usually regarded as a symbol of luxury as well. The product is used frequently for kitchen and bathroom counters. Granite counters are cut from natural stone, which is sealed and polished to give an attractive appearance.

Bacteria Resistance 

Granite countertops resist bacteria. This feature makes granite counters a very wise choice for kitchen and bathroom counters where bacteria growth can occur based on usage of improper counter material and a lack of cleanliness.

Natural Looking or Elegant Granite Counters

If you prefer a very natural looking countertop that is outstandingly elegant, granite countertop can satisfy your desire for a perfect fit. Keep in mind when planning to purchase granite that it is best to obtain the polished version of this natural earthy type of surface for your counter project. It will give the counters a glossy look that adds charm to your home.

Purchase Granite Counter Pattern Reserve Slabs

Thinking ahead, it is a good idea to purchase an adequate amount of granite counter slabs for your project when you first place an order. Each slab of granite is uniquely special in pattern and color. If a slab becomes damaged while being installed, you will need to replace it. Having an extra slab in reserve makes it that much easier to replace the damaged slab.

Water Splash Resistance

Water splashes will occur in bathrooms and kitchen areas. Granite is the choice for counters in either place because the product is highly resistant to water. Any water spillage on granite counters will not seep into the product and cause staining or other damages. While you should clean a spill right away, there is no need to panic if you have just discovered the spill. Wipe it up and note that there is no damage to the counter.

Do Not Use Harsh Cleaning Agents

Granite is a precious stone, which means that it can be damaged if you use harsh chemicals to clean its surface. Cleaning granite is a snap. Just use a warm and mild soapy detergent mixture to wipe the counters clean. Dust the granite counters regularly using a clean and dry cotton cloth before wiping them down.

Use a Vegetable Cutting Board on Granite Counters

You should always use a cutting board to cut vegetables on granite counters. An errant knife may crack the granite surface and cause lasting damage to your prized kitchen granite counters if you cut vegetables directly on the counters.

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